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APRIL 2009

A fresh advance in continuous training for employees in the CHEMICAL Industry.
A useful tool for the vocational training within the Chemical sector. The aim of the project is to obtain a new, optimum training method adapted especially to meet the needs of the chemical sector. It focuses on the contribution to the development of a cooperative environment amongst companies and allows workers to adopt common policies in response to the new requirements of their specific sector.

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The Small City Commerce project has been created to identify, adapt and implement diverse and innovative solutions for the small retail sector through a business training programme. The training programme will focus on three key pillars addressing quality management systems, knowledge management systems and the advantages of business networks.

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International Development Officer - validation of informal and non-formal Learning. The project aims to find a solution to the changing role of teachers and trainers through recognition and accreditation of non-formal and informal learning by creating an integrated European system of identifying, assessing and recognizing vocational competence-based qualifications of International Development Officer (IDO).

About Idol project

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The aim of e-Core Managers project is just to introduce the Virtual Management approach on current Managerial and Entrepreneurial Training in Europe, specially in Bachelor and master (MBA) levels. The objective will be to improve its quality and innovation by its adecuacy to learn of emergent e-competencies - related to organisational and attitude issues in the efficient use of ICT to manage e-Teams, projects and organisations that are required to the high and middle directive staff in the labour market of the Information Society.

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