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i-Lab Development Partnership

i-Lab is a Leonardo da VInci project, financed by the European Commission in 2006. It's main aim was to increase the uses of i-labs by developing new and broader applications for them, as well as identifying occupational standards and training for facilitators. Main targets were the identification of key characteristics of i-labs and the establishment of 3 new i-labs in Romania, Poland and Turkey. Furthermore, the developemnt of an i-lab users’ network in order to disseminate best practice for i-labs and to bring i-Lab facilitators together.

After more than 2 years of constant activites, we are happy to announce the final resutls of the project, which include

  1. 3 new i-Labs in Poland, Turkey and Romania

  2. Ocupation Profile and Training program for i-Lab facilitators

  3. Good Practice Guide

  4. The i-Lab users net (

Please visit the website in order to gather more information on this innovative and wonderful experience of i-Labs!

 Project partners and contact persons:

University of Essex

Higher Education provider in the UK and host to two i-Labs, one of which is located within the new Business Hub at the new Southend Campus.

Ms. Julie Jones (

Cambridge Professional Development

Experts in initial and continuing development of professional expertise and its assessment

Mr. Nigel Lloyd (

Institute for Sustainable Technologies - NRI

Scientific and research institute carrying out vocational related research, studies into educational systems, education quality assurance, evaluation of educational effectiveness, designing curricula. Provider of conferences and publisher of many monographs, guidebooks, journals, etc.

Ms. Jolanta Religa (

Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding

Expertise in the development of occupational standards

Prof. Dr. Elisabeta Mitroi (

BCD Business Consulting and Development

Management training and consulting, project development and management

Mr. Alper Elicin (



Ms. Xenia Chronopoulou (

 For further information please contact the above mentioned project partners