Open Distance Learning Training Centre

June 2004

e-System for Real Time Democratic Land-Use Planning of Urban Environment – Pilot action in Narva Community

Supported by the LIFE program of the European Union
(LIFE02 ENV/EE/000426)

IDEC participates in the consortium of eCommunity, aiming to develop an on-line system for democratic use planning of urban environment.

The eCommunity project’s goal is to promote sustainable and democratic urban planning by using opportunities offered by modern information technologies and the Internet. The project will apply innovative web-based software solutions to make available information on the town spatial planning and development to the town citizens as well as to interested organizations and persons internationally in order to promote involvement of public into making decisions on the issues of local development and to increase investments into the economy of the Narva municipality. It is hoped that the project will demonstrate use of the system as a tool for urban planning.

The objectives of eCommunity are: 

• Promote sustainable and democratic urban planning by using opportunities offered by IT;
• Promote concept of e-democracy by enabling exchange of opinions and information;
• To raise public awareness and involvement;
• To create a system as a tool for urban planning.

The eCommunity project promotes more transparency in decision-making in Narva town and therefore offers a window of opportunity to the Narva municipality to develop a more effective dialogue with the town inhabitants and better understanding among the public of decisions adopted by the municipality.

The final result of the project will be a web-based information system where the town spatial plans drawn by specialists will have their own 3D spaces, realistic models of the planned area, which can be virtually walked through and where citizens will have possibilities to make additions and corrections to the plans and transfer it automatically to a new 3D model representing recent changes. The system is planned to be able to accept user requests in a fuzzy human form and convert it to a specification of what is to be displayed and how. This innovative IT tool will allow to synthesizes concrete decisions from statements made by citizens, giving the decision-making process a new democratic identity in real time.

For further details please visit the official project website