Open Distance Learning Training Centre


Education for Sustainability and Environment for retail (Edu-Sus)

The project

Based on the existing tank of on line information on environmental issues relevant to trade (, participating partners of EDUSUS program adapted and transferred the contents of training systems specifically for retail.

The result is the creation of flexible e-Learning modules, addressing the issue of sustainable practices in commerce in Europe.

Main requirements

  • Create high-quality educational content on the subject «Sustainability in the retail sector in Europe»

  • Public awareness and development of skills of retailers on sustainable management

Main products

  • 1 informative CD containing:
    - Introduction to sustainability in the retail sector in the participating countries
    - Examples of good practices in trading
    - Information on educational materials for distance learning
    - Guidelines for the educational material

  • 1 distance learning platform for entrepreneurs and workers in the food trade sector
    - Free visit to the educational platform using the site
    - username: edusus
    Password: edusus


  • Institut fur Markt –Umwelt –Gesellschaft e. V. (imug) an der Universitat Hannover, Germany (The imug is responsible for evaluation and scientific mentoring)

  • Nationaal Verbond der Voedingsdetaillisten VZW, Belgium

  • Personeels- en managementopleidingen voor KMO’s VZW, Belgium

  • TUVKarpat, Romania

  • University of Applied Sciences Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republik

  • Noorderpoortcollege, The Netherlands

  • IDEC AE, Greece


This program is co-funded by the European Commission (Lifelong Learning Programme - Transfer of innovations, Leonardo da Vinci - DE/07/LLP-LdV/TOI/147049)


24.10.2007 – 24.09.2009


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