Open Distance Learning Training Centre


 "Electronic business within trans-national SME networks as a contribution to further vocational education, technical progress and employment"

Supported by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of 

the European Union. (2002-RO/02/B/F/PP/141049)


Project’s Description                                                                                                     

Projects Innovative character:


The innovative character of the project consists in the implementation of an interactive training portal for SMEs acting in handicraft sectors offering practice oriented on line learning in:

  • Sanitary/Heating and Conditioning,

  • Wood processing and

  • Electronic business sectors.

The aim of the project is to:

  • Use the Internet as a tool for communication amongst project partners as well as for the exchange of information and documentation for the SMEs involved through the training portal;

  • Development of innovative products for the handicraft sectors – e-learning modules;

  • Building up necessary tools to further develop SMEs networks; support the development and expansion of transnational business activities by the use of Net meeting: cooperation through chat, forum on the training portal;

  • Identification of the premises for transnational cooperation – Exercise Company testing of the e-learning modules;

  • Building up the Virtual center comprising the training portal, project website and communication platform;

  • Execution of measures/implementation of the e-learning courses for workers qualification, market orientation and business development/start ups.

The target group of the project are:

  • All sectors of the economy in which the use of E-business is useful.

  • The primary target groups are SMEs and their employees whose specialised knowledge is lacking for the efficient use of electronic business.

  • In view of the rendering and the distribution of the project, other educational representatives, industry sectors and economic institutions such as chambers and associations had been also included.

The results of the projects are:

  • A multiling and interactive training portal

  • A multimedia CD ROM which offers an interactive interface and interactive courses about: Basic Principles of Water Supply, Heat from Water and Earth, Introduction of e-Business and Wood Processing.



The official web site of the project for more information is: .