Training programmes trough the world wide web concerning software applications.

Web site on how to learn a foreign language and at the same time to develop skills on using the Information Technologies.

An Open University. The use of computers on maths, sciences, technology, in practice. Lists of training material.

Training on the multimedia via the world wide web and development of relevant products.

Link for learning sciences. Databases, newsletters, links, applications, information.

The British National Library.

CAMBRIDGE International Examination for certification of knowledge and skills that are required from the Universities and the Academic Community, in general, as well as from the modern internationalised and competitive work environment.

Manufacture solutions for general Management Information Systems purposes, particularly for Universities, Colleges, Schools, Government Agencies and Corporate Institutions in the educational field. The Integrated Application Framework For Educational Administration through INTERNET.

Training courses on Information Technologies issues.

Local Investment into Renewable Energy
Collection of European Experiences in Local Investment

The booklet includes a sample of case studies introducing successful local investment initiatives in different European regions, focusing on the biomass, PV and wind sector. It also presents an overview of the national context related to local investment (legal, financial and social framework) in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece and the UK and outlines related perspectives and constraints. The publication was realised within the framework of a European project called PREDAC "Promotion of Renewable Energy and Development of Actions at Community Level” ( with support of the European Commission.”