Subject: Thalys 10.11.2000 newsletter


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Thalys is an open distance learning training site that provides distance learning for employees and businessman in various topics. Thalys was developed at the end of 1998 by IDEC Ltd. 

The updated “Thalys” is now a reality. After receiving your comments and remarks we have improved the structure, the functions and the contents of Thalys. The new address of Thalys is

New features available:

In addition we have added more courses and modules, of high quality.

Training modules and courses available are:

Our policy is to improve our services in distance learning. Thalys is continuously ‘under construction’ as we are still working to improve its functions and add more training material.

We will appreciate your help and contribution to our efforts. A simple way is to send us your feedback. It will take you only two minutes to fill in the form. 

Best Regards,

The Developing team of IDEC Ltd.


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