Click on each one of the following titles to view the multimedia training modules in which they are referred in another window.

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Instructions on how to operate the multimedia training modules

The Navigation buttons are situated at the left top corner of the screen and they are functioning as follows:


Whenever you want to check whether you can find the right answer to questions existing within this material, please click the button you believe that refers to the right answer.
There are two kinds of questions, Multiple choice and True or False.

Some of the photos or figures may not be so clear because of their size.
In that case please click on them to enlarge, then click on them again to return.
Whenever you click on a photo or a hypertext that opens a different application e.g. Microsoft Word or Web Browser, please close that application to return.


Goes to the following screen
Goes to the previous screen
Goes to the menu of the section
Goes to the menu of the chapter
Exits the application