Training materials

INTERNET E-COMMERCE Individualisation of customer - supplier relationship. © IDEC S.A.
Learning Internet What is Internet? What services does the internet offer? Questions and exercises. © IDEC S.A.
How to develop a web-based training site Web-based training: advantages and disadvantages. Web-based versus multimedia training. © IDEC S.A.  

Introduction to EDI
The “Introduction to EDI” module aims at giving the basic knowledge required for comprehension of EDI systems, benefits, technical requirements and applications. The module is addressed to beginners in EDI and E-Commerce and requires basic knowledge of IT, computer networks and business administration. © IDEC S.A.  


This course includes 6 modules on transportation: Railway, Road, Air, Sea, Production Management and Forwarding and Insurance. (Demo version of the whole material). © VDA - Higher Transport Academy
Negotiations The 6 basic steps of negotiation. (Download the file 3,62MB and unzip it). © IDEC S.A.  
OPTIFI 2000 
Training questions on financial topics for SMEs. 
(French version - Under construction). © IDEC S.A.


How to:

  • describe your enterprise,
  • compose the organisational chart,
  • evaluate your employees and their performance,
  • identify the problems in managing your enterprise,
  • identify training needs,
  • write down your competencies and weakness,
  • improve your managerial skills,
  • avoid common mistakes in running a family enterprise,
  • pass successfully to the next generation.


Innovation and Creativity knowledge
How to use effective your skills and your knowledge, to innovate and to think more positive and creative.


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Organisation and New Information Technology. © elfa s.r.o.
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Improvement of Quality and Quality Management of Telecommunication Services. © elfa s.r.o.
ENVIRONMENT TEMPO Marine pollution. Prevention of accidents. Marine environment. Legislation. © IDEC S.A.  
LABOUR ISSUES European Work Councils Legislation. Rights and functions of European Work Councils. © IDEC S.A.  
Training for Shopstewards - EUROWORK

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The training material of EUROWORK: ‘’Training trade union representatives – Collective Agreements – Collective Bargaining’’ aims at developing subjects of social dialogue and training of trade unions representatives. It is mainly interested in trade unions representatives but all social partners as well. © IDEC S.A.  

EUROENTERPRISE 2000 European Enterprise in the 2000´s. The Role of Peripheral Countries in European Works Councils. © IDEC S.A.  
European company - A new institution The aim of the present study was to conduct field research concerning the level of information both the Greek employers and Greek trade union officials have on the European Company.  © IDEC S.A.  
HEALTH AND SAFETY Personal Protective Equipment Selection of personal protective equipment. Protective gloves. Protective clothes. Legislation. © EURATEX
SAFEGUIDE Health and safety in industrial work places. Guide of risk assessment. © IDEC S.A.