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European integration and the function of the internal market involve intense phenomena of cross-border mergers, take-overs and joint ventures, in other words they are marked by the tension towards internationalisation of companies and groups of companies as well.

Labour movement at a European level has succeeded in Directive 94/45/EC by the European Council, within which the European Enterprise Committee or the European Works Council is established. This Directive obliges multi national companies to inform and consult with their employees about all major decisions.

According to a recent study of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, eighty per cent of the agreements signed within the frames of the above mentioned directive concern manufacturing enterprises. As OBES is perhaps the only Trade Union Federation in Europe whose members are company unions, we consider it is our duty to undertake initiatives for promoting the European Works Council in our country.

We believe that nowadays, knowledge is the best way to make changes for a better future.



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