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Welcome to the PASSIONPRENEURS online platform!

Here you will learn about social entrepreneurship, its difference from “regular” businesses and its effect on local communities and will find tools to develop entrepreneurial competences

The platform consists of 2 sections : one meant for people who want to learn more about social entrepreneurship and find tools to develop own entrepreneurial idea; the second one – aimed at coaches, occupational counsellors, teachers and trainers of VET and adult education centres who work with the topic of social entrepreneurship

Each section contains 3 parts:
  • Learning space with information materials, exercises and videos on social entrepreneurship and the role of personal strengths and interests in its development.
  • Library (information sharing space) with additional information on the topic: links to the recommendations, guidelines and toolkits developed by business support organisations, incubators and funding programmes, success stories and other.
  • Networking space (forum) – a place where you will be able to exchange ideas with other users.

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About the project

Social entrepreneurship is a growing trend all over Europe: on the one hand, it tackles existing social and economic challenges – on the other one, it might help people who have fewer chances for “regular” employment to become independent and start their own business.

The PASSIONPRENEURS project aims to help people facing social, economic or learning difficulties to turn their interests, talents and passions into social enterprises. The project is targeted at:
  • people facing social, economic or learning difficulties and having interests, talents and passions they want to use in practice,
  • occupational counsellors, coaches, employment agencies’ experts, trainers of VET and adult education centres.
To achieve the goals set, the following products will be created within the project:
  • A training programme “Social Entrepreneurship through Passion” to equip people with fewer opportunities with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in social entrepreneurship,
  • A trainer’s guide containing additional information that should enable trainers, coaches and career counsellors to introduce the above-mentioned training programme in their activities,
  • The given online-platform that consists of two parts: for aspiring social entrepreneurs and for trainers.
The PASSIONPRENEURS project aims to contribute to:
  • Building social entrepreneurship capacities among people with social, economic and learning difficulties
  • Enabling adults to lead change and impact on local communities
  • Overcoming existing social challenges

Project partners

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The platform is created within the project “Social Entrepreneurship through Passion”, shortly – "PASSIONPRENEURS” (Project Nr 2019-1-DE02-KA204-1EF6CD69).

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