Design, monitoring and evaluating adult learning classes German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Erasmus+ programme

The professional development of staff in the adult education sector is essential for improving the quality and efficiency of adult learning.

In the adult learning sector, a high number of professionals, including teachers and trainers, come from other sectors and while they maybe experienced in their field of work, they often lack pedagogical and dialectical competences in adult learning.

Addressing this issue, the European Commission developed in 2010 a competence framework for adult learning professionals.

DEMAL project builds on this framework and sets out to develop two key competences of teachers and trainers of adults:

  • Design of adult learning process, and
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of adult learning process.

The practical core task related to Design consists in translating the identified learning needs and the appropriately selected didactical methods and activities into a coherent overall frame. In many cases, this overall frame will take the form of a detailed training course plan which outlines the learning aims, the content to be covered, and the learning-teaching activities to be implemented within the training.

The Design of Adult Learning Activities training course will provide adult educators professionals the didactic resources needed for the design of the training activities according with the detailed competences profile described in DEMAL project.

The rationale of course is to present some of the key elements in what could announced as an evaluation-culture in adult education. Evaluation-culture is a prerequisite on how teacher develop “quality behavior”. By this we will understand the adult educator committed to ongoing improvement of own training quality and capacity. The rationale of course is to present these elements in way where it leads to transformation into own practice of the participants.